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Mixed: a Colorful Story

Mixed: A Colorful Story - Arree Chung
What a fantastic simple book with a powerful message. It made me think,” why hasn’t someone written this book before?” I absolutely love this book and with the message it brings, I wish more people would read it but with it being a children’s picture book, I know its audience will be limited.
The individuals in this story are small-colored faces with legs and arms. The story begins with the three primary colors living peacefully together in one town: the reds, the blues and the yellows. Suddenly, one of the primary colors decides that their color is superior than any other colors and they proclaim this to the town. This message suddenly causes a commotion among the colors, and the town is suddenly divided by their color.
Days pass and then a yellow notices a blue sitting on a bench and the dividing line between the colors begins to get fuzzy. The two of them fall in love and they have their special day as they make their commitment to each other. Their lives are changed forever when these two create a new color in town. As the families grow, the colors mixed, and the possibilities were endless as the dividing lines now seems to have vanished away.
What a fun, entertaining book. I loved the illustrations as the colored faces lit up the black and white backgrounds. You really need to check out this book! I highly recommend it, it’s a keeper. I really need to get a copy of this book, when I finally return this book to the library.