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Lying in Wait

Lying in Wait - Liz Nugent
That was crazy good! What a twisted web of deep, rich characters that I just couldn’t get enough of (enter devilish laugh). The story goes back and forth throughout history and just when you think someone couldn’t get anymore warped, you read another passage and yep, their life takes another walk down Crazyland.
The novel opens with Lydia claiming her husband Andrew killed Annie but if you read a bit further you get the full details of this story. These three characters’ lives somehow mingle with the lives of a handful of another fascinating individuals making this book a fantastic read. This couple thinks they have everything under control, yet ….. they don’t. The lies just keep coming as their son Laurence lives at home and they all live with their own secrets.
Annie had a twin sister Karen, who went into modeling. Her husband liked the paychecks but didn’t like strangers looking at his wife. When Annie doesn’t show up for her appointments, her family begins to worry and Karen takes matters into her own hands. Annie’s has had some difficulties in the past but nothing like this.
Flashing back, we see Lydia as a child and some of the events that occurred to her and her family as she grew up. There is an aahh moment when I see a pattern emerging in Lydia’s behavior. I cannot read fast enough to see what will occur next in this novel as everything is twisting together as the characters and their lives come together. I begin to feel sorry for Laurence, being her son, but then I realize he’s not so innocent himself.
The story starts getting really intense as I found myself walking around reading this novel, all while I was doing laundry. I couldn’t put this book down! Man, ***** was crazy! Fricking off-the-wall! Aggghhh!
Such a great read, I really needed that. I’m not glad that it’s over as that was a great ride but I’m glad someone saw the light and put a stop to it. Phew!