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Shawn Loves Sharks

Shawn Loves Sharks - Curtis Manley, Tracy Subisak
What an exciting story about friendship and sea animals. This book feels so real to me that I can see many children loving it.
Shawn is obsessed with sharks. Shawn has watched and memorized many shark movies and he has over a hundred shark books at home. Shawn even opens up his mouth wide, like a shark, when he eats. (Not a pleasant sight but pretty extreme measures, I believe.) He loves to chase after his peers at recess, pretending to be a shark, as they scream and run away. He especially likes chasing Stacy because she screams the loudest.
When his teacher announces that each child was going to research a predator, Shawn knew that he would research a shark. His teacher then has each student draw a slip of paper from a bowl. On that slip of paper has the name of the predator they would then research. Would Shawn get the shark? No, Stacy drew the shark slip of paper. The girl that Shawn used to chase.
It’s an interesting turn-of-events as Shawn and Stacy research their animals and then head out for recess.
I think this is a fun, entertaining story. It’s educational as the children learn about the animals. I liked the emotions and the facial expressions in the book. I feel it’s a book worth checking out.