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We Don't Eat Our Classmates

We Don't Eat Our Classmates - Ryan T. Higgins, Ryan T. Higgins
This book is hilarious! Seriously! What else can you do when you are a T- Rex and your classmates are children. Oh, my heavens! I can’t stop laughing about this children’s book. I love it when Penelope Rex arrives home from school and her father questions her about her day and then comments, “You see, Penelope, children are the same as us on the inside, Just tastier.”
Penelope is nervous to start school but with her 300 tuna fish sandwiches and her pony backpack (because she loves to eat ponies) she arrives at school. Surprised to find her classmates are children, she eats them. Her teacher tells her to spit them all out, which she does and then no one wants to be her friend (do you blame them?!). Penelope tries to make friends. She showed them her finger painting (a t-rex eating a happy child) and she was going to catch children at the bottom of the slide (in her mouth) but still no one wants to be friends with her. Penelope was lonely. Finally, an unlikely event at school changes Penelope (and leaves me laughing)and things at school improve for everyone.
What a cute novel. I think you need to know your audience for this novel as some children (young children) might be scared of what occurs inside this novel but I think most children will laugh and understand the author’s purpose. I love the illustrations in this novel as they are perfect for this book. The facial expressions are priceless. This would make a great book to read aloud or read together. I really enjoyed this one and I am picking up a copy for myself.