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Positively Izzy

Positively Izzy - Terri Libenson
I didn’t catch the twist on this one till I was about halfway through and then I ended up reading this graphic novel twice so I could truly appreciate it. Honestly, I wonder how many teens/children will really get the twist on this book. I enjoyed the “play” on this book but I think more hints could have been inserted in the novel to make it more enjoyable.
There are two stories taking place in this novel constructed of both graphic novel and narration. As you read the novel, there is a clear distinction between the two, on which story you are reading.
One story is about Izzy who lives with her sisters and her mom. Izzy loves drama but school work, not so much. When her mother discovers Izzy’s failure to keep up with her schoolwork, Izzy feels like her world is falling apart. I liked how this story came together in the end and Izzy’s family. The other story is about Bri, who is smart but doesn’t care about drama. Bri’s mother is the drama teacher at school. At the last minute, Bri is asked to fill in for someone, on stage. I enjoyed watching Bri deal with this new experience and I liked the conclusion.
The illustrations were bright and colorful and the text was easy to read. I liked that the author used two different styles, to write the two different stories within this graphic novel, so that it is easier to tell the stories apart. I think you need to read this novel a few times to fully appreciate it (once you understand the twist in the story). Again, I wished the author would have added more in the writing to help uncover the twist as I feel some individuals will not see it and that would be a shame. I would recommend to older elementary and middle school readers, so they can understand the twist or perhaps uncover the twist to other readers, if they don’t discover it after they read it (so they can fully appreciate the novel).