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On Brassard's Farm

On Brassard's Farm - Daniel Hecht
Ann takes what is left of herself and buys some remote land in Vermont. The land was once part of the Brassard’s Farm, a dairy farm ran by a couple and their hired hand, Earnest. This was an impulse buy for Ann, as her original plan didn’t pan out. Ann finds herself living in a tent and cooking over a camp stove. It’s scary living out on her own, under the stars, but Ann wanted to leave her old life behind and start anew.
She’s bought the land with some inheritance money that she had received from her aunt and when the rest of the monies didn’t come through, Ann finds herself working at the farm to pay off her debt. It’s hard work, harder than she thought. Every evening she struggles to make her way up the hillside to her land, to finish out her day, so she can repeat the process again the next day. Ann begins to find a rhythm to her daily life, finding both physical and mental strength as she helps around the farm. Slowly, she becomes a part of the inner workings of the other individuals who make up Brassard Farm. The farm becomes a part of Ann, she finds comfort and pride in her surroundings.
As I read this novel, I was immersed into the Vermont landscape. The green, rough terrain and vast beauty of the trees and brush, were at my side. As Ann cooked out on her camp stove, I imagined the smells and sounds as they trickled down through the hills. The wildlife ran free, they ate their fill and slept where they wanted, for they didn’t need humans to make their lives comfortable. The endless cycle of being a dairy farmer made me tired, it was the relentless upkeep and organization that filled their lives. The fear of the unknown, the fear of no control and the fear of tomorrow were always looming over their head. It all seemed too real yet it was something I hadn’t stopped to think about. It was called home for many but for me, this was an adventure. I was allowed an opportunity to view a life that I would never lead.
I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Blackstone Publishing in exchange for an honest review.