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My Never Ending List

I read almost every genre & I enjoy venturing into unfamiliar territory. As a library volunteer, I'm constantly bringing home novels. Being a substitute teacher, I read lots of YA & children's books.  

I did it again.  Our volunteer coordinator at the library asked me if I would like to be the volunteer for our dog program and of course, I said yes!  These are service dogs that their trainers bring to the library and kids get to pick out books to read to them.  The dogs come for a half-hour once a month.   Then, at the end of the program, the dogs do little tricks (roll-over, give 5, balance treats on their noses, weave in and out of legs, sit-ups, etc. We had to quit the program last year as we ran out of dogs to provide to the kids.  I have to go early and find books for the kids to read, set up the room, and get the table ready of goodies for when the kids leave they can take something home with them. 


Well, in May we had 6 dogs show up and only 8 children for the half-hour, so each children basically had a dog for themselves for the whole time.  The children loved it.


In June, we had 7 dogs and about 29 children show up!  The room was packed! I had people showing up 30 minutes before the event time. It was so exciting seeing all the kids trying to read to the dogs.  We had one boy who was scared of dogs and he was actually reading to the dogs and kept reading the whole time, moving closer each time.  His mom and me were watching him and commenting on his progress and he was smiling and wanting to come back next time.


When the kids leave, they can get a free new book, a bookmark and a sticker, if they want.   I was surprised how many kids didn't want them. They were just happy to come read to the dogs.  


We also started our summer reading program this month.  This is our third summer for it and our site has about 35 children on Tuesday's.  This program is for children (kind- 5th grade) who don't normally get to the library and are in a large childcare summer  facility (like a Y program or a low-income site). I am started doing a short book talk each week this year with the children about different book genres.  Last week, I talked about reference books and they were excited to look at them when I got done.  This week, it's graphic novels.  Each week, the children are split into three groups and they're rotated into a book group, a craft group and a tablet group.  We bring 50 different books each week from the library to leave with them so they can read them over the week and then we exchange them the following week.  We ask them for ideas on what they want us to bring and we bring books based on the genre of the week.  I won that award for Adult Volunteer of the Year and I got $$  to send to a nonprofit so, the library used that money to buy books just for this program.  That money bought a set of books for all 5 sites of this program of the popular books so they will stay there all summer for the kids which is super cool (books like Captain Underpants,  Harry Potter, Tree House, etc.)  


I also just signed up to help with the rooftop garden that is on top of our library.   I love being outside and it's just pulling weeds and making sure that everything looks okay on the green space on library roof.


I'm trying to get ready for our family vacation this weekend.  We rented a house that has a pond and a pool off the deck for 5 days for a getaway with our family., that's about 2.5 hours away.  My three children and their spouses are coming with my  5-year old granddaughter and it will be fun to just hang around each other and chill out.  I hope to read but I have a feeling that won't happen but I 'm packing 4 books.  We've been taking these adult family vacations for 4 years now and the kids love just hanging out and not doing anything but playing games and talking (and drinking & eating).  We are celebrating my son's 38th birthday too (dang, he can't be that old) while we are there too.   


I really need to focus on reading but I've had so much on my plate lately,  I have so many great NetGalley reads that I am behind on and a stack of library books to read.   I hoping after this vacation, I can get back to holding a book in my hand.