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The Visitors

The Visitors - Catherine Burns
I felt so bad for Marion as she suffered under the laws of her brother, John. Their parents had both died and these adult siblings continued to live in their childhood home. John knew he ruled the roost and he would manipulate Marion to do exactly what he wanted done.
The way Marion fussed over John, you would have thought he was her partner and when she called him “love”, it disgusted me. Marion seemed childlike in her actions and words about the world and about others whereas to see John’s world through his eyes, the world was menacing. John would twist his words/conversation around or he would be belligerent to Marion, just to get his way. Poor Marion. Marion would do anything for John yet John walked all over her.
When John lures a woman to their home, Marion wants no part of it yet, John needs her help. Again, John’s twisted mind convinces Marion that everything will be okay and Marion resigns. Arriving from overseas, this woman thought that John would provide her with opportunities but John has other plans for her. And now, this story plunges further into darkness. John doesn’t just stop at one woman, he decides to add a few more to add to his collection and he’ll need Marion’s help to get that accomplished. It begins to get creepy and gloomy, as Marion goes about her day, oblivious to the additions to their home, that are held somewhere in their house.
When I think about John caring for these women, it sickened me. When I thought about Marion and how she could ignore the fact these women were in her house and she didn’t say anything or ask about them, I started to get irritated at her. Where is this madness headed and will it ever end?
I listened to this novel on a Playaway, which was read by Kate Reading and I thought she did a wonderful job. This is not a fast-paced novel but that was okay as I thought the slow parts were needed as it added to the dramatic effects of the novel and it allowed for more character development which was warranted in this novel. I really enjoyed listening to this novel.