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Not That I Could Tell

Not That I Could Tell - Jessica Strawser
Just how much do you know about your neighbors? I found myself caught up in the drama of Kristin and Paul and their neighborhood in this novel. I had originally thought this was a suspenseful novel but as I read, I realized it was more drama than anything. The novel started and ended well but, in the middle, I felt the novel dragged and was going nowhere. I felt like quitting yet I wanted to know what happened to Kristin and her children.
The women had gathered, the wine had been poured and the conversation flowed. The wine had flowed too easily that evening and, in the morning, the women in this neighborhood were feeling its effect. On Monday, one of these women was reported missing. Her children were gone also. I think it was the immediate reactions of the women in her neighborhood that got my attention. They were coming up with some interesting theories and her husband, I couldn’t tell if he was in shock or denial. I kept wondering if perhaps the night that they had dinner together and the wine was flowing freely, these women had an interesting conversation that provoked Kristin.
Did someone say something? Did anyone hear it or did they not even comprehend what was being said? I was hoping someone would address that night again and see if something was said about Kristin. There has to be a reasonable explanation on why Kristin is gone and why her children are gone also. What things are missing and how frantic does the situation look? I felt like I was solving this mystery on my own.
The ending was good and I liked how the pieces came together. It was an okay novel.
I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review.