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True Stories of World War II

True Stories of World War II - Terry Collins
This was very interesting and it had a lot of information inside it. This is a 31-page graphic novel, containing 6 chapters. Five of those chapters hold true stories of individuals who served during WWII. The author includes in this novel a glossary, an index, and a separate page where he listed books and internet websites where you could also go for more information on this topic. This graphic novel shows the war from many viewpoints.
At the beginning of this graphic novel you get a brief overview of World War II with some key dates and a map. With each soldier’s graphic story, you get a small paragraph about the soldier and a portrait of them before their graphic account begins. Each story is different as one soldier shares their story of the Bataan Death March, another soldier was an Aviation Pioneer, one was a French Freedom Fighter, one shares their Disaster at Sea story and we also hear the story of the Flag Over Iwo Jima. No story is better than the other yet I think, as a reader some of these stories will affect you differently than others. I’m pretty sure at least one of these stories will hit upon your emotions.
These stories were easy to follow and they typically covered 4-6 pages each. Gunfire does take place in this novel, this is war afterall, but I didn’t see anything overly graphic or overplayed in the novel. I thought the details in the illustrations were really good as they showed what needed to be shown and implied the rest. I liked the colors that were used inside this novel. Each story had its own shade of coloring, and none of them were bright. From Army Green to a blue-green to light tan, each story was unique.
I think this is a good graphic novel for mature teen readers. This is history and teens need to hear these stories and learn from them.