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Mummies! - Mark Cheatham
I was pretty impressed how much information was packed into this 22-page graphic novel. It doesn’t go into much depth about mummies in general but it does give you some specific information about King Tut’s Mummy. I picked this graphic novel up as I was hoping for some general information about mummies and about the junior series but instead I got details on one specific mummy, which was ok. This novel is part of the Junior Graphic Monster Stories and I was interested in how “junior” it really was.
The first four pages of this graphic novel has general information and after that, the story shifts into talking about King Tutankhamen’s mummy. I did learn a few things while reading this graphic novel so it was well worth the read. The illustrations were easy to follow and they were colorful. The story was not graphic or scary in nature. The author talks about search for King Tutankhamen’s mummy, the tomb, its discovery, the curse surrounding the tomb, and individual’s thoughts today about the curse. At the back of the book, there is a glossary and a page containing more information about mummies. I was hoping to learn more information about mummies in general but I was happy to learn more about King Tut’s mummy and I was glad that the book wasn’t graphic. Perhaps the book should be called King Tutankhamen’s tomb as it’s centered around him. I think that most children will be able to read this novel and not be creeped out about it.