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Misunderstood Shark

Misunderstood Shark - Ame Dyckman
I really like the boldness of this children’s book, from the big crisp text to the illustrations, this book gets right in your face. The author uses a variety of text fonts to get her point across as she varies the size of print for each individual in the story, from the announcer, to the shark, to the production crew as she brings her book to life.
The illustrations are simple. The colors are bright and crisp which make the characters stand out on the page. I enjoyed watching the facial expressions (the eyes, mouth, and eyebrows) on the characters as the story played out.
Throughout the book, Shark tries to convince Bob (the announcer and also a jellyfish) and the television world, that his actions are being misunderstood. In reality though, Shark is actually behaving like a shark and is now being held accountable for his actions since he is now on television. When questioned about his actions from the announcer, Shark is quick to comes up with a clever explanation but then Shark goes back to being a shark again. With Shark’s clever excuses, the announcer gives the audience a great fact about sharks while the production crew get in on the act.
I liked Shark’s cleverness and his personality. The illustration fit him perfectly. The production crew were a great addition to the book as they were funny. I really was hoping for more facts about sharks in this book. I thought that the author had the perfect opportunity to squeeze more facts in this novel in a manner that children would love. It’s a book worth checking out as it was cute but I thought it could have delivered more.