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Bring Me Back

Bring Me Back: A Novel - B.A. Paris
I was thrilled to get a copy of this novel, as I feel that I just can’t get enough of this author. I absolutely loved the first two novels that she wrote but there was something about this novel that set it apart from the others. The premise was good, the deception was fantastic, but there were times while I was reading that I felt that I was not connected to the author’s writing.
This novel travels between two time periods. In the past, a couple stops while traveling so the gentleman can take a restroom break. When he returns to their car, his girlfriend is no longer in their vehicle. He waits for her but she does not return, he searches for her with no luck and then, he finally summons the police. With the police on the scene, the man gives his account of the incident, only he does not give the police every detail of what occurred, only what he wants the police to know. We then fast-forward twelve years and as readers, we witness the ramifications of that incident.
Here’s the thing, as I read, I felt that in parts of the novel that the characters were scripted. They acted, they sounded like, and they behaved like, they were in a play. They didn’t seem natural, they acted like someone told them how to behave, as if they were following a script. I think it had to be the way that the words were strung together in certain parts of the novel as I didn’t occur throughout the whole novel and it didn’t occur with a certain character or scene. It was sporadic.
I found the whole mystery of the dolls creepy and bizarre with this novel and I thought that the relationship between Layla and Ellen created some interesting drama and twists to the story. I didn’t have any intense feeling towards the girls in this novel but I disliked Finn, such a devious person that tried to wear his heart on his sleeve so others could see it. I liked the last sentence that the author wrote in this novel, it really pertains to this novel and it made me think.
I enjoyed this novel, the suspense and the edginess of the novel kept me turning the pages. A huge fan of B.A. Paris, I can’t wait for the next novel that she writes.
Thank you, St. Martin’s Press, for sending me a copy of this novel, I greatly appreciate it. This review is my own opinion of this novel.