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The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window: A Novel - A. J. Finn
I’m not going to rehash this novel as it seems everyone and their brother has read it. If you haven’t and you like mysteries and suspense novels, I highly suggest you pick this novel up. I found, as I read the first third of this novel, I got to know the character of Anna quite well but it wasn’t until after this point that I finally understood what the hype about this book was all about. It was during the second part of this novel that I became mesmerized by this novel and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.
I was fascinated by Anna as she viewed the world from her computer and her camera lens. Once a talented psychologist, Anna’s physical world has become limited to the four-outside walls that make up her home. An anxiety disorder has taken control of her life. I loved how she tried to help individuals over the internet, her professional side still shining through yet she hid her true identity. Intrigued by the individuals around her street, Anne views their world through her camera lens. With precision, she can get close and personal with her lens yet remain anonymous as she tries to become part of their world. She becomes creepy in my world, when she secretly runs computer searches on these neighbors and begins creating alternate scenarios where she is actually a part of their lives without anyone even knowing.
Lots of questions ran through my mind as I read this novel and as I read, my questions were answered and then some. The character of Anna was captivating and her means for living with her condition, lead to an interesting life. She hid behind her computer screen and her camera lens and she would be fine if she could stay hidden. Would it really matter if someone discovered Anna’s safe haven? What happens at the end of this novel, was fantastic. I figured that the ending would be astounding and it definitely delivered that.