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Zero Day

Zero Day: A Novel (The Hatching Series) - Ezekiel Boone
Around the world they are dealing with the spiders. For now, the spiders are calm but what exactly does that mean? In a lab in Japan, they are shedding their exoskeletons which means either they are increasing in size or they are …………. Around the world, people are waiting in anticipation to see what the spiders next move will be, hoping that someone will discover a way to kill them before they strike again.
Communication in the U.S. is sporadic as explosives were used on highways and roads to make areas unpassable and nuclear weapons were unleased in an attempt to kill the deadly spiders. Individuals want to head East where the destruction is minimal but the means to get there is another obstacle they need to overcome.
The President and Broussard still have the clashing of the minds but now it’s becoming more serious. Broussard lets his voice be heard and he is not backing down as he tells everyone within hearing distance how uncapable he feels the President is. The President stands up to Broussard but he retaliates and push, comes to shove in the end. They need to stop these spiders but at what cost?


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Atria in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!