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City of the Lost

The City of the Lost - Kelley Armstrong
I have just found a new series to read as I can’t stop thinking of this novel. Imagine a dark forest that the area village is afraid of entering because it contains creatures and dangerous individuals. The forest is there for hunting and for punishment, some individuals have been in the forest for years. I didn’t want to put this novel down once I got started and when I had to put it, I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters and what might happen next. There were plenty of twists and secrets inside this novel and they kept coming right up until the very end.
The story begins with Casey telling her therapist that she killed a guy and she’s telling the truth. She did it in self-defense and the event has turned her life upside down. Casey is basically a loner and she confines in her best friend, Diane. Diane is a punching bag for her boyfriend, Graham and has been for years. Diane has a on-off relationship with her boyfriend. Casey is secretly dating a bartender who ends up getting shot one evening after work. This shooting is tied to the guy that Casey killed.
Diane begins talking about a safe town where individuals can go to escape for a while but Casey ignores her. Casey tries to protect Diane from her abusive boyfriend and it frustrates her when Diane gets beat up. She doesn’t know how to protect her but she doesn’t believe in this safe town that Diane has been talking about. Diane ends up finding a phone number for his safe town and Casey makes the call and puts things in motion for the two of them to make the trip.
The town is called Rockton and there is a time limit that most individuals stay. Population now is 200 people and it seems like a great place, a self-sufficient town but nothing is perfect including this small town. They have issues and not everyone knows or cares. Once individuals come into Rockton, they change and its usually not for the better.
Oh, how I liked this freaky little town and its citizens. It seemed that they tried to create their own community to help others but what is this controlled society really attempting to do? What a fantastic read, I can’t wait to get back to it!