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The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion
I’d been meaning to read this novel for a while so I was glad we read it for book club. As a whole, I enjoy this novel. I found myself laughing throughout the novel and I was totally absorbed into Don’s Father Project. I thought the idea of their original projects were a bit odd and I was glad that the novel didn’t focus on Gene’s sex project. As I read, I thought the character of Don reminded me of Sheldon Cooper on TV. Just like Sheldon, Don is very punctual and everything in his life must be “just so”. Don’s life is on a strict timetable, filled in with the greatest of details. There is no filter on Don’s mouth as he tells it like it is for he is not afraid of what comes out. Listening to Don is eventful, for you never know what might happen.
I do have to say that Don created quite the questionnaire for his Wife Project. I would be surprised with all the questions that he asked, if he would find the perfect candidate. I don’t know if I would even answer all those questions myself, if it were given to me. If he was a prince or a rich guy that would be a different story but heck, he is a 39-year-old postdoctoral researcher, that’s the prize?
I loved Rosie’s spunk. I knew right off the bat that she was not compatible for him as she challenges him with her ideas. He’s not the type of person who likes challenges thrown at him constantly. I loved how Rosie cut him off when he was talking, I thought that was funny. I also thought it was hilarious when they were in N.Y. and Rosie was pulling him along for her full two days of fun. He was totally out of his element yet something was happening within him and between them. This novel wasn’t all fun and games as it also contained some sad moments too, unfortunately.
I thought it was a fun, entertaining read and I am glad that I finally read it. It had its ups and its downs (mainly ups) but the character of Don really made the novel.