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Hell House

Hell House - Richard Matheson
Well, that was not what I had expected. I didn’t expect all the sexual and passionate aspects of this novel. I did enjoy this novel though and I thought the historical elements and the characters in the novel complimented each other. All the while I was reading this novel, I kept thinking “Vincent Price”, this novel had his name written all over it.
When Barrett is asked to investigate the Belasco House in Maine, I, myself was intrigued to find out the secrets that this house possessed. Being sealed up tight for thirty years, would the mysteries that this house once possessed still be alive after all this time? The history of this house, it’s owner and the guests that once walked through its front door was quite the story. The house became more like a fortress, the occupants choosing their own fate.
Barrett had a week to complete his mission and once inside the house, I didn’t feel like a week was long enough for him. I liked how the house was interacting with its new guests. Accompanied by his wife and armed with a few individuals who might be able to help the physicist, the doctor realizes soon that, they are not alone.
I liked how everyone in the house has their own story. They all have their own point of view of the mysteries that are surrounding this house. The events that are occurring are not repetitive and routine but they spark curiosity and imagination. The character of Florence, she was the most fascinating and interesting one of all. I just never knew what she would do. I’m glad I finally got around to reading this. 3.5 stars