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Grist Mill Road

Grist Mill Road: A Novel - Christopher J. Yates
I’m being honest here when I say that I really got tired with the jumping around of the characters and the 2008 and 1983-time periods. I mean sometimes there would only be a page and a half of text and we would be flipping to a different person or time period and it drove me crazy. That being said, that is about the only negative thing I found as I read this novel. I really enjoyed the storyline, I liked the side stories that accompanied the main story and I liked how we never knew the whole story till the very end. I thought the ending with Matthew was cut and dry and that could have been better but I didn’t care much for Matthew so that didn’t matter that much to me. This book surprised me though, it was darker than what I had expected.
Tricky and Matthew were good friends. They hang out in a local forest area where they had created their own shelter complete with weapons and supplies. They were both 7th graders yet Matthew was older and it seemed like Tricky followed whatever Matthew said. The year is 1983 and Matthew decides to bring Hannah up to their private area. He sends Tricky off and he is alone with Hannah. Later when Tricky returns, he finds Hannah tied a tree with Matthew shooting at her with a BB gun. Cripes!
The year is now 2008. Tricky is married to Hannah. Tricky never did any time for the crime committed against Hannah but Matthew did. I kept wondering why and how the two of them got married and as I read, my questions were answered. Tricky has been fired and is now a food blogger.
The stories go around and around. Matthew, Tricky, and Hannah and also the years 2008 and 1983. They’re not hard to tell them apart but it’s a lot of switching gears as you’re reading. I found Matthew most annoying, I think it was his attitude and I found Tricky the most fun and adventurous. Tricky’s mind was always going, he was thinking of something all the time. Hannah was living in the moment and why not?
I liked the twists in each of the stories which was slowly revealed to me and I think the author did an excellent job putting this novel together. It was a somber tale, one that will have you thinking about the book long after you turn the last page.