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Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl - Lyndsay Ely, James Patterson
I enjoyed this novel and then I didn’t. I thought the concept of the novel was terrific and I enjoyed most of the characters but there were a few simple things I thought the author could have changed to make this novel much more enjoyable.
When I saw the cover of this novel, I knew I had to read it. That cover had my name written all over it. I wasn’t expecting a gunslinging novel, and if you are, this is not the novel for you. This novel is not a western, per say. This novel is about a girl who instead of being sold off by her father, finds her own path in life.
Armed with her mother’s guns, Pity (yes that is the main character’s name) sets off with Finn, her best friend to Columbia where they will start their journey. It doesn’t go well. Pity later finds herself in Cessation after the two girls come under attack. This is not where she wants to be but it’s a place where she can regroup if she can prove herself worthy enough. Asked to show how well she can shoot, Pity does well for her audience but a performer, she is not. Halycon thinks he can use her in the act and Pity is allowed to stay in the city and make Casmir her home. Max takes to Pity and shows her Casmir and Cessation. Pity spends any free time she has with Max.
Halycon teaches Pity how to entertain an audience, how to showcase her talent and to be confident while doing so. Everyone loves Pity when she takes to the stage and Selene seems pleased with her decision to allow her to stay. Selene sees where Pity’s talent can be used for other purposes surrounding Casmir and Cessation and it isn’t long before Pity is dragged into Selene’s business without her knowing all the details. Pity is enjoying her new home now but she’s also beginning to realize that she is a part of something else much bigger. It was a fun, twisted tale at the end.
A story that had me turning the pages faster and faster, frustrated, I was yelling at half the characters wondering when it all would end. I found it challenging to read this novel in certain parts. I thought that the author liked certain letters of the alphabet. There was the town of Cessation with the individuals living in Casmir. There were also the characters of Siena, Selene, Santino, and Sheridan. Now, that isn’t bad if they are in different parts of the novel but many times they were together and towards the end of the novel, they were all together. Talk about frustrating. I got irritated a bit with Pity as there were times that I thought her emotions were a bit too soft for her character. I enjoyed the author’s writing, the plot and the story moved quickly. I’m glad I picked this one up.