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Two Girls Down

Two Girls Down: A Novel - Louisa Luna
She had intended for it be to quick, to leave the two girls inside the car while she picked up a present inside the local Kmart. A quick snatch and go, she got the gift and headed out to her car. It appeared she was successful until Jamie reached her car and found it empty. Her two daughters were gone.
Jamie enlisted the help of Alice Vega, a PI with a remarkable history of finding missing individuals but she is not welcomed by the Denville Police Department. Needing information from the department, Vega persuades a former member of their office to join her team. These two are quite the combination as Vega is resilient and Cap is brilliant. A perfect combination for this case as they confront the Denville Police and work together to locate the missing sisters. There doesn’t seem to be much to go on as the police try to piece this case together and with their resources stretched thin, the police are left scratching their heads. Meanwhile, Vega and Cap are talking to everyone and investigating every lead. This rigorous investigation provides many leads, some helpful and some not.
What I enjoyed about this novel was how Vega and Cap worked together to solve this case. Cap used to be a cop, so he is used to following a set of rules whereas Vega sets her own rules, working together they have to cross some lines with each other. They try to work with the police department and share their leads hoping that it will help the case which I thought was an interesting twist with this novel considering that Vega and Cap were doing most of the work. I really enjoyed how the author wrapped up this novel. It wasn’t an abrupt ending but an exciting conclusion that was suited the novel perfectly. I really enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it.
I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Doubleday Books in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for this copy,