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Cowboy Stole My Heart

Cowboy Stole My Heart (A River Ranch Novel) - Soraya Lane
Welcome to River Ranch! Mia has finally gotten out from under her father’s bankroll, as she works the reins on her own horses on the ranch. Unlike her siblings, Mia refuses to become a part of corporate America and she wears the black sheep of the family badge proudly. Determined and proud of her own accomplishments, she loves to show off her horses but her latest addition Tex, is giving her a run for her money. Her father has invited Sam, the horse whisperer, out to the ranch to observe Tex as this difficult stallion’s situation is becoming crucial. Immediately upon seeing the stallion, Sam knows the horse needs him but when he sees Mia, he knows he should stay away but the desire for her is too strong.
Sam made an arrangement to work with Tex for a month, the amount per day was startling but he was good and they wanted the best. Mia and Sam were both independent and opinionated individuals and as they started working with Tex, they fought. I loved how they bickered and butted heads with each other, it was comical. Later, they begin to appreciate each other. Their relationship is beginning to change and it isn’t long before boss and employee are on a whole new level. This new level, Sam has to put stipulations on before he would go any further, a level that Mia was willing to accept, if it meant having Sam in her life.
But would this new relationship work? Oh, this was a steamy relationship! I mean steamy, hot! Mia and Sam could not get enough of one another. Their relationship was supposed to be a physical no-strings relationship but when these two got together, the affection, compassion, and gentleness that raced through them was not based solely on a physical bond, it was much deeper. As the days were ticking off the calendar, I wondered (and I was worried) about what would happen as the final day came closer. They have a few rough and difficult occasions along the way as they work together and juggled their relationship. I found myself deep inside the novel, not sure who I was pulling for as all the characters had a side of them they didn’t want exposed. Tex, was making progress, because this was the whole purpose of them getting together but the intensity of what was happening between Mia and Sam was about to come to an end, was that even possible?
I enjoyed this novel, I normally don’t read romance novels but this novel had a great story behind it and the romance was warm, heartfelt, and affectionate. I can’t wait to read the next novel (All Night With The Cowboy)in this series which is supposed to be released in 2018.
I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest opinion.