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The Chilbury Ladies Choir

The Chilbury Ladies' Choir: A Novel - Jennifer Ryan
I listened to this on audio which carried a deep accent. I liked that these women at first thought they couldn’t carry on because their men were off fighting in the war (WWII) but later decided, heck yeah…. we can do it! A thought erupts about forming a choir but the women contemplate how they can do that without the men? A choir with just women? What shall they sing without the men’s voices? I had to laugh as they pondered this idea.
The novel is told using a variety of transcripts from journals to letters to newspapers clippings. These women were determined to carry on in life without their men. I liked how the women bicker, how they encourage one another and how they still keep their separate opinions. There was Mrs. Tilling who kept her nose in everything and I liked her. This was an interesting and fun novel to listen to.