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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury
The circus is coming! The circus is coming! The boys discover the flyer swirling in the yard, a circus coming this late in the year is just unheard of. Alone in their rooms, the two boys hear a noise in the distance, it’s a train and the call of the calliope. It’s three a.m. and the circus is pulling into town! Sliding down the drainpipe, the boys set off to watch the excitement unfold. There is a sinister, mysterious feeling as the boys sneak off to view this spectacular event, their day sure has been exciting.
Earlier today, the boys told the salesman that they had no money yet he gave them a lightning rod. He told them it was free. He was adamant about Jim putting the rod on his house, he had foreseen a fierce storm that would soon be approaching their area. Will wondered about his own house but the man warned them both again that Jim needed to take action now. It had been a strange day, as now with night upon them, the circus was here and was setting up their thrills. Who knew about the circus coming? What was instore for these two boys? What the boys don’t realize is that this is not a normal everyday circus. This circus with its carny attractions, it’s unique individuals and its thrills has its own agenda and the boys will become a part of it.
Finally, my last novel for Halloween Bingo! Yes, I made it to a Black-out.  This novel is for the 80's horror square.  Happy Dance !