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Wytches Volume 1 - Scott Snyder, Jock
What the heck was happening with this graphic novel? The cover was very deceiving because inside was total chaos. Let me start off by saying that I was not impressed by the illustrations, as a whole. With great detail, the illustrations tried to support the novel but it was the use of color and dark lines that left me cringing as I looked around the pages. Splatters, splotches, drips and colors-on-top-of-colors rained down upon the pages and I was left wondering what type of message I was supposed to be obtaining from this color disaster. I was screaming from frustration and I don’t think that was the message they wanted me to get. I didn’t care for the storyline either. It seemed to pop around a lot. Where exactly was this story headed? This novel wasn’t for me and I will not be continuing with the next one in this series. It seems that many individuals like this novel, everyone is different.


I will be using this novel for Halloween Bingo, my Witches square.