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Long Lankin

Long Lankin - Lindsey Barraclough
I listened to this on audio and I listened carefully – I really did. I thought the accent of the narrator and the speed in which she read really affected this novel. I did enjoy her accent but I would have enjoyed the novel much more had she slowed down so I could fully understand everything she said. Nevertheless, I felt that the story was slow in parts and other times, I enjoyed the novel and the mysteries it brought with it. The ending was the best part of the whole novel.
The story centers on two small girls being sent to their Aunt Ida’s house which the girls realize is actually a mansion that is haunted. I thought the aunt was mean and very strict with the girls. I had to wonder at times, if things were actually happening in the novel or if the girl’s imaginations were getting the best of them. The girls were new to the house and weren’t familiar with their surroundings plus the girls were young and their imaginations were wild. I felt sorry for the girls as they eavesdropped on other’s conversations, for they heard what other’s thought of them. I am glad that they at least had each other.
I would like to actually read this novel in the future as I feel that I missed part of the novel while listening to the audio of it. I felt that I was concentrating too hard on what was being said by the narrator to fully appreciate this novel.