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Frostbite - David Wellington
I don’t typically read books with this subject matter so I was surprised how much I enjoyed this novel. There wasn’t any specific character I liked the best, I liked how the story progressed, how the author explained things, and the excitement the novel provided. There was closure at the end of the novel yet I see that this is the beginning of a series for the author. I can see where the novel might be headed in the future though and I might pick up the rest of the series next month.
The novel begins with Chey out in the forest, making her way through the dense trees, when a flash flood comes barreling her way. She loses most of her belongings as the water tumbles her about. As she gets her bearings, she finds herself staring at multiple sets of glowing eyes behind the trees. Climbing a nearby tree for safety, she realizes that she is surrounded by wolves and begins to wonder what her next step will be. A howl rings through the trees, a chilling and unique howl, which sends the wolves running. As she watches the scene unfold, Chey sees another animal circling her tree. With white fangs, the silver and black animal gazes up at her before he begins to reach for her. She tries to be beyond the animals reach but it isn’t long before the animal has found blood, he has finally reached her and left his mark. Later, as Chey climbs down from the tree, she smells hope. Slowly making her way towards the smell, Chey comes upon Dzo cooking over a fire. Dzo is one unique individual and the more I read, the more I found out about Dzo’s past and who he really is. Dzo brings her to Powell’s cabin so he can tend to her needs. Located in an isolated part of Canadian wilderness, these two men are comfortably living separate lives with a shared secret. Chey thinks she is safe now but this feeling is short-lived when she hears the men talking. Everyone has a history and eventually the author gets around to sharing each of the character’s pasts with me. I loved how the novel all came together and I enjoyed the little twists that the author revealed slowly as the story intensified. They had each thought that their lives were difficult but now as they meet each other, it is only going to get more complicated. The Canadian wilderness is entering turbulent territory.


Using this novel for Halloween Bingo 2017 for the werewolf square.