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Off Season

Off Season - Jack Ketchum
They were fierce, brutal and relentless. They were human but they acted like monsters, not stopping for anything once they got started. It was the flesh of the dead that gave them their power but they needed victims, a steady supply of them, to keep their group thriving.
Oh, I enjoyed this one. It reminded me of the late-night horror movies I used to watch growing up. There were those tense moments where I knew something bad was about to happen and a few moments where I chuckled to myself, the scene playing out seemed just too bizarre to believe. They attacked their victims, surrounding them and sinking their teeth into their flesh, holding onto them with vigor and strength. Their victims were innocent individuals who were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Carla didn’t know what awaited her when she rented the cabin by the sea. She was looking for a quiet, relaxing retreat where she could concentrate on her work. After playing host to a group of her friends, Carla would get to work but for now, Carla needed to get the cabin ready for her friend’s arrival. Outside, the group saw movement in the cabin and that was all it took. They knew immediately what they needed to do and I was anxious to see who would survive in the end.


I am using this novel for Halloween Bingo 2017 for my In The Dark, Dark Woods space.  There is nothing like a cabin in the woods with a group of crazy individuals running lose that doesn't get me excited.