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Joyland - Stephen King
I don’t know what I loved more, the story or that Michael Kelly was reading this novel to me. Listening to this novel on CD, I was taken back by how much I enjoyed his narration. Michael was perfect for this novel, for his tone was calm and collective. As he read, it was his mannerism and his voice that turned Michael into Devin Jones. I felt the emotions and I could visualize each of the individual’s that made up this part of his life. I didn’t want this novel to end and to have Devin Jones walk out of my life.
Devin was explaining the time in his life when he worked at Joyland, a smaller amusement park. Devin took the position hoping to keep his mind off his recent breakup but her name and the situations surrounding her, were playing across his mind. Devin takes this job seriously and others see that. He made friends easily and Joyland becomes his home. The story of the haunting in Joyland has intrigued Devin and he wants to see for himself how real this situation really is. As Devin starts to investigate this mystery, he begins to unravel secrets that were meant to stay buried. Words spoken to him from one of the carnival workers cast another mysterious element to this novel. The novel is not all mysterious as Devin meets a young boy and the two of them become quite close. A disease has left the boy struggling, struggling to be the person he wants to be. I enjoyed their relationship as it felt real and natural, it felt like it was part of the overall plan in Devin’s life.
I didn’t think this novel was creepy or scary, it was more mysterious. The funny thing is, I was expecting a disturbing novel from Stephen King and I didn’t get one. I was looking forward to a frightening tale but what I got was more, I got the story of Joyland and the story of Devin. A fantastic novel, one that I would recommend that you listen to.  
I am using this novel for Halloween Bingo.  Many individuals claim this novel is horror and Goodreads labels it as such.  I could use it for many of my bingo squares but I am using it for my Genre: Horror square.