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Unholy Night

Unholy Night - Seth Grahame-Smith
I picked up this novel as this author also wrote another novel, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter that I really enjoyed and the subject matter of this novel, intrigued me. I was worried that this novel would have a preachy tone but adventure and excitement greeted me from the beginning. I was surprised how much I enjoyed and followed this novel. I listened to this novel on a Playaway.
This novel centered around the birth of Jesus and the three wise men which visited him. This isn’t your ordinary Biblical story, this was much more. The author took me on a ride, a journey where this new family was running with the three wise men to escape prosecution. The wise men were not quiet, camel riding men, they were escape convicts and they were helping Mary and Joseph keep their baby safe because “there was something about that baby.” These two groups met up in the barn, the bright star shining overhead, and the alteration that began told me that this story was about to get very interesting. Mary, not the soft-spoken women I pictured her to be, had a voice and a powerful one at that. As the six of these individuals move towards freedom, they fought several interesting individuals, some not so human, creating dreadful scenes but scenes that I enjoyed. Their main concern was staying alive. I highly recommend this novel, it was quite an interesting twist on a familiar story.
I am going to use this novel for my free space on Halloween Bingo