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The Nameless City

The Nameless City - Faith Erin Hicks
This graphic novel did not thrill me as it has other readers. I thought the novel had fantastic illustrations which was the novel’s highlight for me. These illustrations were bright, bold and colorful and I could tell that a lot of time went into them as the detailing was superb. There were lots of action in the artwork and the use of text fonts helped showcase this. I thought the novel’s storyline was lacking. I felt for such a large novel, not much occurred inside it. I felt that the story was just getting started when the novel ended and now I will have to read the second novel in the series to see what actually occurs. I wanted more as I read, I felt the beginning was drawn out too much.
Erzi is training some new young Dao’s to help rule over the city in the future. He’s frustrated with their ability to fight as they seem weak. One of the young Dao’s is Kaidu and he decides that he doesn’t want to be a fighter but he wants to have something that he is good at. Kai meets his father for the first time while training, his father is a General. Kai comes across Rat when he’s out with his father walking, a girl who seems to fly over rooftops, a skill that intrigues Kai. He later finds Rat after he has ignored the rules and ventures into the city. Kai wants Rat to teach him how she glides over the rooftops of buildings and soars over larger distances. She decides that she will help Kai but it will come at a price, a price Kai pays. I enjoyed how the two of them interacted. Rat carries with her lots of confidence and pride and Kai seems to be just finding himself. She tries to toughen him up, she believes in him and Kai is determined to acquire Rat’s skills. Dandao, the city they live in is constantly being watched as other nations want to take control of it. When Rat overhears a conversation putting the city in jeopardy, she must take action and she needs Kai to help her. The two of them now have an important mission but the question is, will they get there in time to save the city? Dandao, the city that some call The Nameless City, is being threatened.
So, will I continue on with this series? I highly doubt it as there just wasn’t enough storyline here to keep me enticed. The illustrations were wonderful but I need more story.