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Burntown - Jennifer McMahon
It all happened because of the plans from Thomas Edison, these plans which had been passed down a few generations. Mile’s dad was an inventor and his father told Miles that these plans, from the famous inventor, were to remain a secret and that they would change his life.
Miles watched a man in a chicken suit kill his mother. In his backyard, his mother was slayed right before his very eyes. His father became the prime suspect, for who could see who was actually wearing that chicken outfit and the police had a job to do. His father couldn’t take the pressure and soon Miles is without either parent. As Miles ages and has his own family, the plans get put to use, their identity still hidden but the results are far-reaching. These secret plans change the lives of many individuals, individuals who weren’t even aware that they existed.
I had to reach for McMahon’s newest novel as I have been reading a few of her novels since I read The Winter People. Following her same style, this novel takes me on many roads and eventually these roads converge in the end. Some of the individuals in this novel were strange, their lives so different from my own, I was mesmerized by them. The women who snuffed the red potion, the girl the students call Fire Girl and the woman with the miniature circus, these individuals made this novel remarkable and enticing. I thought the novel moved quickly, I would get involved in one aspect of the story and soon, I would be reading about something else, this aspect just as fascinating as the last. I would say that the characters made this novel, they were such interesting and amusing people who were brought together to have their own needs met but also to put light on the past.