American Gods - audio

American Gods: A Novel - Neil Gaiman
I won’t say anything about the novel as everyone has covered that or they are watching the series on TV. I will tell you what I enjoyed about the novel. I enjoyed all the different stories and adventures that Shadow undertook since being released from prison. When he learned of his wife’s death, I was heartbroken as he has been looking forward to seeing her and now, I feared that he would slip away, go to the dark side or find himself back in prison. Meeting Mr. Wednesday, I liked how Shadow turned him down and decided that he was going to do what he had originally planned. The determined Mr. Wednesday kept after Shadow and when Shadow finally accepted his offer, I had mixed feelings. It sounded like a good plan since Mr. Wednesday obviously needed Shadow but what exactly was Mr. Wednesday up to. The union of these two provided entertaining and captivating escapades and the stories that the two of them shared where fascinating and enjoyable. I never knew what would happen as they journeyed together but I knew in the long run, Shadow would be a changed man. The audio was long, nineteen discs in total, but it didn’t feel that long as I listened to it. I enjoyed the character’s voices, I felt they portrayed exactly what I thought they might sound like. I’m glad that I listened to this novel instead of reading it as I thought it helped bring the novel to life and it helped with the flow of the story. Definitely a great novel in my opinion and now onto another Neil Gaiman audio.