Want To Go Private

Want to Go Private? - Sarah Darer Littman

My life just got put on hold today because I opened this novel. There was so much to love and to hate within this story, the reality of the situation is that what occurred within these pages felt real. I felt that perhaps the timeframe was rushed in sections but then “weeks” and “months” in a novel fly by faster when time is clumped together. It’s a powerful and credible work addressing the issue of internet predators, one that definitely moved me.


They’ve heard the rules numerous times on internet safety and they felt that they are too smart to become a victim of an internet predator so why did fourteen-year old, straight-A Abby fall for Luke? Abby had met Luke online, something she knows she’s not supposed to do but Luke is different. Luke is nice and he makes Abby feel good so Abby keeps their relationship a secret. I started to see things slipping away as Abby clung to her computer, chatting with Luke. Abby is good with excuses, then came the lies, she didn’t like telling them but she got good with them. Luke knew what he was doing, he knew what Abby needed and he was happy to help. Things started to get heated between them and I wanted to fling open her door for all to see. It got deeper and deeper, I began to wonder how far this would go until I read that Abby was meeting up with him and I was on edge. I just wanted a positive outcome from this whole situation. I just wanted Abby to walk away from this somehow and as the days progressed and the police where on the scene, I wondered where they were. As the story plays out, I knew that Luke had gotten inside Abby’s head. It broke my heart, my world was getting blurry as I read, she’ll never be the same. Damn you Luke! I highly recommend this novel if you read these types of books. This novel does not leave anything out and I believe this novel is not for younger readers as some of the content is sexual in nature and it has some language.