Words on Bathroom Wall

Words on Bathroom Walls - Julia Walton

This could be it, at least Adam hopes so. He’s starting a new school, so no one would know his past and what he is capable of doing. No one knows that Adam has a hard time differentiating between what’s real and what’s part of his imagination and now that he’s on this new drug, he seems to have more control over his life. Talking to his therapist through journal entries, we follow Adam as he enters this new exciting part of his life, full of hope yet quiet about his condition.


I was hopeful that this new medication would help Adam control his hallucinations. A few of these visions are regulars, so frequent in Adam’s life that he has given them names and he knows what they are capable of doing. There are other visions or images that occur in Adams life and these are the ones that Adam is not sure if they are real or not. As I thought about Adam and this condition, I understood his frustration and agony, for Adam must decide whether these visions are real or not and he then must decide if he is going to react and then, how to react. Image if he saw some birds swooping down at him, an angry dog rushing at him, or something about to fall, does he react or not? Now enter this experimental drug which helps Adam distinguish reality from illusions. Adam feels like he is saved. As Adam enters his new school, his life is more under control with this new drug and he meets Maya. He doesn’t want anyone to know about his condition especially Maya. Maya helps Adam navigate around the school when Ian ditches him immediately after meeting him the first day. I never could understand the likings of Ian, this boy has too much time on his hands and his nose in everyone else’s business. I can feel Adam trying to be normal, this drug helping him succeed but Adam still hesitate about what is real in his life. There are funny parts in this story, the way the visions come into Adam’s life and his perception about them. I laughed yet it was sad, the way his world was shaped. Maya wanted Adam and Adam wanted Maya but Adam was not showing Maya his true colors. I was feeling tension as the book progressed, for Adam needed to talk to Maya but there were too many uncertainties that Adam just didn’t want to deal with. I really enjoyed this novel, I thought it was a great book dealing with this condition and it gave me a better understanding of what individuals like Adam live with on a daily basis.