The Hate U Give (audio)

The Hate U Give - Angie Thomas

What can I say about this novel that has not been said already? I listened to this novel on audio and I realized a few things while doing so. One, while listening to this novel, I felt the power and the emotions of every character whose voice poured out of these CD’s. These individuals became alive inside my car and inside my house as this story unfolded and I couldn’t help but to become invested in their lives and become moved at what was transpiring. Every character was effected by the events that were played out, either negatively or positively and thence, I became angry/scared or I was laughing at their situations. I couldn’t help but to become emotionally involved in their drama. Two, I was constantly playing with the volume as I listened to this novel. I loved the energy and the fire in this novel. I wanted to feel it, I wanted to drown in it and as the characters spoke, their messages deserved special attention. They spoke from their hearts, it couldn’t get any more real and I’m glad that I chose the audio of this novel as I truly felt it spoke volumes. Three, as I finished up this novel I realized how important this novel is. The reality of what occurs and the way that it is presented is fantastic. I can think of lots of words to describe this novel and lots of items to discuss within this novel but the words perception, attitude and choices are the top picks for me. I absolutely loved this novel, I highly recommend the audio version, it is definitely moving.