The Dry - audio

The Dry - Jane Harper

What a fantastic mystery! I loved the slow, steady pace of this story, the way the author showed me the wilting landscape filled with characters who were either willing to step aside so others could take the reins or pushing their way to the front any way that they could just so they could be the leader. I really enjoyed the individuals inside this novel, I was sad to see them go when it was all over.


It had been twenty years since Falk had been to his hometown and today he was attending the funeral of Luke, his childhood friend. Luke was found murdered along with his wife and young son. Luke’s youngest child was the only survivor. Federal Agent Falk only returned home to attend the funerals, silently he was counting down the hours until he could get inside his car and leave. You can feel the tension in the room as they gathered for the three funerals. The evidence had pointed to Luke as the one who killed his family and then took his own life but Luke’s parents don’t understand why? What would make Luke do such a thing?


Falk decided to stay a few days to try to bring closure to the case. Using his career, his ties with the family and the community, he settled right in and he began to dig into the last twenty years. Falk finds that the town is filled with emotions over this case. A few days turn into weeks as Falk feels he is beginning to uncover the truth. The novel digs up another story that occurred with Luke and Falk were school mates. Falk’s presence in town has stirred up deep emotions in the town and his effort on Luke’s case is heating things up with some of the town’s citizens. This story was emotional for me and I found myself yelling as I listened to this audio. Falk tries to be sentimental but I was getting chills as the story started to unwind. Mischievous, intense and moving, this novel, I highly recommend. Bring it on Aaron Falk, I am ready for book #2!