The Troop

The Troop - Nick Cutter

Oh, I so loved this novel. I enjoyed the bond of the scouts and their leader Tim as they ventured onto Falstaff Island. They’d been together for quite some time, Tim being their leader but also their friend and the boys, a diverse handful. Tim realized there probably wouldn’t be many more outing, the boys were growing out of this group and soon they would go their separate ways. These scouts and their leader were not prepared for what awaited them on this camping trip.


A man stumbles in upon Tim and his scouts on their island camping trip. The man is hungry yet the looks of him have Tim questioning exactly what is wrong with him. The flesh of this man is falling off his bones and Tim, a doctor himself, wonders what disease this man possesses. I found it funny that this hungry, disgusting man is polite and had great manners as he inquiries about food. Tim contempt’s how he going to keep the scouts’ safe while keeping this man happy and away from them. Tim begins feeding the man some of their provisions. This man is beyond hungry and Tim realizes they are in deep trouble. Tim steps out and tells the scouts that they should go on their hike without him. There is some arguing but reluctantly they go. On this hike, we begin to see who these scouts really are. When the scouts return, things have taken a turn for the worse at the cabin. I can’t put the novel down now as Tim tries to keep the scouts out of harm’s way but everyone wants to see what has got Tim all excited. Tim, you tried… really did.

What a fantastic novel to keep me up all night! It was entertaining, exciting and fun to read. Very graphic details made the story come alive and made each of the characters unique. I loved the infection and how it thrived. I could feel the adrenaline of the individuals on the island as push came to shove, as individuals fought for survival and as they fought for their own voice. Highly recommend for those who like to read a great thriller.