Where On Earth

Where on Earth? - DK Publishing

Fantastic geography, atlas, nonfiction book. I cannot tell you the depth this large book goes into but it is brilliant. There are 6 sections in the book labeled: land,sea and air, living world, people and planet, engineering and technology, and history, and culture. Within each of these sections is subsections breaking down that section. For example, history is broken down into 13 sections plus an introduction. Those sections include ancient empires, mummies, battlegrounds, revolutions, and shipwrecks just to name a few. If I open the book up to shipwrecks, this two page spread show the worlds major shipwrecks with its known coordinates. There's a sentence about each, highlighting it's important facts and it's death toll. There is also a couple captions on the pages about natural and artificial shipwrecks. These pages are printed on glossy paper and the illustrations are nicely done, very realistic and not cartoonish. Bright, bold print which is easy to read and a variety of text fonts make these pages fun to read.


Loads of information inside this book. An index is even in the back, if you need it. I find this book a real treasure. I feel that children from second grade on up will find something inside this book to read and gain knowledge from. This is a book that children will come back to again and again once they get a peek inside and know what's in store for them. From dinosaurs,predators,whales, climate change, tallest buildings, satellites, medieval empires, languages, car racing, roller coasters, there is something inside this book that will intrigue them.