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This Is Really Happening

This Is Really Happening - Erin Chack

Mixed with humorous moments and serious instants, I really enjoyed this memoir. To be honest, I didn’t know who Erin Chack was before reading this memoir and now, I am interested in reading more of what she writes. This memoir is written as if she is having a conversation with me, as if we were friends and we were hanging out together and she’s honestly telling me exactly the way life is, she holds nothing back. She’s a writer for Buzzfeed and in her comments in this novel, she mentions some of the posts that she writes for her job. I think these posts are off-the-wall, the topics coming to her from out of nowhere, her audience eating them up as if she contemplated over them for hours.


The topics she covers in this memoir are broad. She talks about her cross-country trip with her two friends where they never knew where they were staying each night. Traveling light in a car, the three friends stayed with other friends and family or camped out. Their encounter with the wildlife was hilarious for me as I read it, but not so much for the three of them. I found myself laughing out loud as she describes her first urban peeing experience and her menstrual cycle. These hysterical moments of her life were real, her writing is fantastic as she describes her life events in the novel and she makes me see her as a person, a person like me and you and that life can be funny. Erin was diagnosed with cancer at a young age and she talks about this throughout this memoir, both on a serious note and a happy note. Her story about the “event’ when she got her head shaved gave me chills. The way Erin described the pink towel draped her shoulders, her neighbors, and her hair rolling around on the patio was such a beautiful scene, I loved it. What happened afterwards with Sean and her mother, I wasn’t expecting but Erin words painted the situation perfectly.


I thought for being a memoir, Erin wasn’t overtrying to sell herself to make her stories funny or likeable to her audience. The stories weren’t heavy on the drama or loud and showy, they felt genuine and wholesome. The stories weren’t centered on a theme but were stories of her life, they showed she was real, things that truly happened to her because these things really do happen to people, to normal people. I was really glad I picked this memoir up.