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Ararat: A Novel - Christopher Golden

I’m sure glad that I walk alone, for I listened to this audio as I walked each morning and I began to talk to myself as this story played itself out. As the story became more involved, my conversations became more frequent and I tried to keep my distance from other walkers as I didn’t want them thinking I was talking to them or talking to my imaginary friend. There were times I couldn’t find the off button and I found myself listening to this Playaway on the drive home, it’s funny but I don’t care who sees me talking to myself on the way home. As Meryam’s group claimed the mountain for their own, excitement mounted in me, I wasn’t even there but I wanted a panoramic view of the site and the author gave that to me. Even if this was not Noah’s ark, what they had found was amazing and I wanted to be a part of discovering what it was.


As others started to arrive to assist in the expedition, I wondered just how many of them would walk down from that mountain. The extreme elements that they were working in, had even chilled me. Whether it was Noah’s Ark or not, was not the main concern as they examined the massive wooden structure in front of them, it was the artifacts and the history that each item contained. They had discovered a door, a door that contained deep cuts which the team contemplated over. The size, the position and the depth of these marks mystified the team. As they searched the site, they discovered a coffin, in the lower level. I was excited as they discussed this coffin, the possibilities were endless but I was not expecting what they discovered. They didn’t even expect to find what they discovered inside the coffin and now, what were they to do with this discovery?


I enjoyed the drama of this novel, there were a great variety of characters who added wonderful color to the novel and the author did an excellent job placing me there on the mountain right amongst all the action. As I have said before, I found myself not being able to tear myself away while reading this novel as I found that I needed, “just a few more minutes” before finding the off button but the last quarter of the novel, I did not find the off button. I couldn’t believe the ending, seriously……..I couldn’t believe it.