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Hear the Wolves

Hear the Wolves - Victoria Scott

She didn’t want to be left home alone yet her father thought she was ready, had the village knew what was to transpire, other arrangements would have been made. The problem started a while back when the townsfolk thought that they were helping the community by clearing out the trees but this only lead to more serious complications as it affected the wildlife that surrounded Rustic. Rustic had altered the animal food-chain and they would feel it’s effects.


Sloan realizes a snowstorm is making its way into Rustic and she trudges off to the chapel to get more fuel for the generator. Sloan is not happy that her father and sister left her home by herself, but she knows how to survive in Alaska. Her father taught her how to be an excellent hunter, now if only she could get some help with her classwork she knows that with the letter that she has been carrying around in her pocket, she might have a great future. At the chapel, others arrive and the storm picks up, it is not just a snowstorm anymore. There’s been an accident, many of the townsfolk are gone but the ones that are there join together to assist and decide on the course of action. As they make their way through the forest to get help, this group of individuals must confront a large pack of hungry wolves whose food-chain has been altered. It’s interesting who is all assembled in this group and the lessons that are learned as they try to navigate through the woods. This is an intense, difficult journey that becomes intense at times and it makes up a great chunk of this novel. There were times I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough and times I swear, I saw the glistening eyes of the wolves looking right at me. These wolves were hungry, their food supply is in short supply and it didn’t help that the humans only have two guns between them and a handful of bullets for these guns. I didn’t expect this novel to hold me like it did. I felt a loss for each side. The wolves, for they were battling for territory, they were only doing what comes natural for them and then the human, they didn’t expect what they were getting. The ending was not what I expected, it really surprised me as it seemed a bit harsh to me and I really wanted a different outcome. Upon finishing reading this novel, I had to check to see what age level this novel was geared to as I really wasn’t sure. I thought at times that the story wasn’t complex enough to be YA but some of the scene details were definitely YA and not children’s. The cover is just beautiful.