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Real Food/Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It

Real Food/Fake Food: Why You Don't Know What You're Eating and What You Can Do about It - Larry Olmsted

I eat fake food. I think that I am doing better at eating real food vs. fake food according to what this author considers real and fake food. I remember a while back, I was a garden virgin and was floored at how real garden food tasted. Seriously, I lived on Del Monte canned vegetables and hadn’t given any thought about how a pea or a green bean was grown. When a friend on Goodreads brought this book to my attention, I knew I had to read it. I live in the Midwest and I know that our beef is supposed to be good, but with all the different labels they are attaching to the packaging, what is good anymore? And eggs? People have chickens in their yards now, in the city! I am not ready for that but what’s with the brown eggs, free-range, grain-fed, grass-fed, etc.? Is there really a difference? Then there is cheese. I love cheese but cheese hates me, thanks to lactose intolerance. Not far from me, we have a dairy that makes cheese. Is this cheese better than the cheese in the store? What makes one cheese better than another? If I am going to be miserable, I want to be miserable with the good stuff. So, I hoped this book could help me.


The fact was this book help me just a bit. The author covered topics that I didn’t care about and he liked to repeat his topics a lot. I think the author likes Kobe Beef and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese a lot because these items were constantly written about over and over again. I know that I am not going to Italy to get my Parmesan cheese so this part was not helpful, I would love to go to Italy to grab some cheese but let’s be real now. To find a place that specializes in each type of cheese that I like and buy my cheese there? Well, I think a place that makes their own cheese is pretty specialized so this dairy that is close to me might fit the bill but they make different varieties. I also think Wisconsin (yes, you cheese heads) is a great place to get cheese but again, they make different varieties and I really like Shullsburg cheese (from Wisconsin) which I can buy in the store but again, they make different varieties. I don’t have the resources to travel and grab cheese from different places where they are specialized, I think I will stay with my current choices, they are fresh choices. The author covered topics like coffee, wine, champagne, olive oil and seafood. Topics that I was not interested in as they were not items I buy repeatedly. I did read most of these chapters though to see what the author had to say. He was showing us readers how sometimes fake food is slipped into life when we not looking. This novel became a buyer beware novel telling us to be mindful of wrong words, switched foods or food fillers in our food. So, I did learn that no product is safe on the market and that we all need to be vigilant and smart when making food choices.