As Brave As You

As Brave As You - Jason Reynolds

They were sent to their grandparents as their parents were having problems and they had planned a trip without Ernie and Genie. As they settled in for the month, these two brothers were finding that they enjoyed county living and that Virginia wasn’t so bad. Genie was worried that without internet service he would not be able to find answers for all the questions that seemed to pop up in his mind, questions that needed answers that he would find on Google. Ernie was more social and he liked girls. What would the two of them do all month in North Hill, Virginia?


Enter Tess, from down the hill, who Ernie falls in love with. She is different than the girls Ernie usually likes, she’s a country girl and Ernie s a city boy. Tess’ house has internet service which Genie is able to take advantage of. He can look up all the answers to his questions and boy, does this child have the questions. Grandma sets the boys up with chores, first cleaning up the dog poop in the yard. They start flinging the poop into the forest and soon it becomes a game. Grandma gives them other daily chores and they take hold of these responsibilities. Ernie spends most of his time with Tess as he is in looovvveee. Genie spends time with his grandpop, his inquiring mind takes in his surrounding and he wants to know everything. I love how Genie questions his grandpop about his blindness. His grandpop’s honesty and the rapid-fire question and answer session between the two of them was priceless. Grandpop sure was adamant about grandma not taking care of him, he wanted to make sure that everyone knew that he is able to care for himself. The inside-outside room was interesting and I liked how Genie kept things to himself. Ernie’s birthday and his rite-of-passage was another highlight of this novel. I enjoyed how Ernie and Genie had different personalities and how they conversed with one another. This was a great novel to read as the pace was quick and I think both girls and boys would enjoy this novel.