Who Would Win? Lion vs. TIger

Lion Vs. Tiger (Who Would Win?) - Jerry Pallotta

It’s the ultimate battle, lion and tiger, who will walk away the winner? That is the basis of this children’s nonfiction book. I made a prediction before opening the pages of this slim, colorful, paperback and by the time I finished reading I had learned a few things and I had found that my prediction was wrong according to this book.


Inside this book, the author compares the lion and the tiger side-by-side on each two-page spread. He compares their color, their size, their territory, how and what they like to hunt, the differences between the male and female of their species and their weight and length. Their skull, their teeth size and even their paws are examined. The author doesn’t stop there when comparing these two mammals for instance, did you know that a lion’s roar can be heard five miles away? Did you know that tigers purr between their roars and that a tiger’s roar is not as loud as the lions?


The illustrations inside this book are lifelike and each picture correspond to the information on the page. I found the Bonus Facts and the Did You Know? balloons on the pages full of fun and interesting information. The main text was bright and stood out on the pages and I thought it was fun how they used a variety of text fonts to highlight and to draw the reader’s attention to interesting facts on the pages. The pages weren’t overdramatic but catchy and appealing. In the final pages of the book, the fight is on. Lion and tiger have caught sight of each other and only one of them will walk away. I have made my original prediction and after reading this book, I have additional facts but I have kept my prediction. The author narrates this battle like a TV announcer: the tiger does this…., the lion did that……., the fight continues…..what will the outcome be? This is a fun and interesting children’s book that I think children and adults will enjoy. Easy to read and full of information, I think everyone will learn at least one thing by reading it.