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The Best of Adam Sharp

The Best of Adam Sharp - Graeme Simsion

He let her go, twenty years ago but inside she was never far away. For a few months, Adam and Angelina were in love. They were perfect together but the timing for this relationship was just not there. For Adam, this was his first love and it will forever pull at his heart strings.


One day out of the blue, he suddenly hears from Angelina and his mind races back to the past to what they once had. Adam begins to wonders why Angelina has unexpectedly called upon him after all these years and he begins to speculate where their future might be headed. I think that Adam has wishful thinking from that first message but it seems that Angelina is either vague with her words or something is up, as the two of them start corresponding quite regularly and I myself, was not too fond of where this was all headed. Adam was willing to give up his life with Claire to get back with Angelina and they hadn’t even see each other yet. After twenty years, he’s willing to waltz right back into Angelina’s life and reclaim her. It was as if he believed they could pick right back up from where they left off, like nothing has changed. I was questioning why possessed Angelina to contact Adam after all this time? Has she become a lonely housewife, is she acting on a sexual whim, these where just a few of the assumptions I gave to Angelina’s, this woman who I thought was up to no good. I am not unusually such a negative person but Angelina herself is married, both Adam and Angelina are successful people and the way she was corresponding with Adam, I just did not feel good about anything. As Adam makes his way to Angelia, their encounter only gets more interesting and surprising the more that I listened to this audio. Who would have thought it would amount to this? I just couldn’t understand why, it was amounting to this? People are funny sometimes.


I honestly got tired of listening to Adam’s voice throughout these tapes as he tells this story. I think it was the sound of his voice, the even tone of his speech as he narrated the journey his life but I had to know how things worked out with his first love. I think the novel was a bit long and wordy for what really happened but then again it might have been just listening to Adam's voice that made it seem that way.
I received a copy of this novel from Macmillan Audio in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for my copy.