Finding Perfect

Finding Perfect - Elly Swartz

Molly feels that she is going crazy, she just can’t seem to quit counting. She hasn’t always been this way, a few weeks ago, it was the germs that resided on her hands that needed the frequent washing and then there were her glass figurines what sat precisely on her dresser, just so many inches apart from one another, a ruler helped her keep track. Molly had other obsessions that she did throughout the day, things that had to be done, things that kept her world perfect and orderly. But now, the counting was added to these obsessions and it consumed her, the counting by fours ….48, 52, 56, 60. The final round of the slam competition was coming and Molly was not prepared. Molly needed to win this competition for it would bring her mother home from Canada, she just knew it would, and their family would be complete again. Molly wanted to tell someone about her secret but the opportunity never occurred. Molly is tired of living with her obsessions, they are starting to take over her life yet Molly keeps giving of herself.


I thought this novel was excellent, I thought there were many wonderful topics in this novel: s distant mother, OCD, friendships and siblings. I loved the character of Molly as she tries to deal with her OCD. Confused as her actions start to take control of her life, she doesn’t know where to turn to and she begins to think that she is actually going crazy. I like that the author adds this confusion to the text. I liked that Molly tries to reach out to individuals in her life and that she tries social media for help too. I believe in reality, many children would behave like Molly and reading this novel, they could relate to her. I found Molly’s relationships with Hannah and Bridgette, her closest friends interesting in this novel. Bridgette has her own strange obsession and the more that I thought about her obsession, the more I could relate to it. Perhaps for children at this age, it is strange but for Bridgette’s situation it’s not and I liked what Molly did, once she found the reasoning behind it. Regarding Hannah’s relationship with Molly, I wished it would have been more even throughout the novel, I think I would have liked Hannah more. What a great novel to read and to share with others. I highly recommend it.