The Breakdown

The Breakdown - B. A. Paris

I pondered these questions many times as I read this novel: I’m driving home alone, this deserted hilly backstretch takes all my concentration as the rain pounds heavily against my car, up ahead something grabs my attention. It’s a car, its pulled off to the side. I pull ahead and I see a woman inside. I wait and watch, giving this woman ample opportunities to come to my car. If she doesn’t come, should I make an attempt in the rain to reach out to her? Could this be a setup? How long should I wait? We live in changing times and being a female out alone on an isolated road , this is a delicate situation.


I found myself loving this novel, feeling like Cass, I became more paranoid and on edge as I read. Cass thought she had given the stranded woman plenty of opportunities to find sanctuary in her car that night. It isn’t until the next morning that Cass learns what actually transpired on the side of the road after she drove away. Guilt torn at her as she realized that it was a woman that she knew but Cass couldn’t identity her last night from the window. Occurring only minutes from her home, Cass quickly becomes obsessed with this unsolved murder and the attacker who is still at large. In her past, Cass has been forgetting things but now it seems Cass is forgetting things more often. Fearing she getting dementia like her mother, Cass relies on her husband for support but there is this other side of her husband that rubbed me wrong, for as it seemed to me that he kept a mental list of her lapses and he never forgot them. They occur almost instantly after the accident; mysterious events start to shake up Cass’ life. I want to believe they are occurring but somehow the proof is not there, so what is actually happening? She confines in her best friend Rachel what is occurring but she is not there all the time and Cass’ husband thinks she is losing her mind, so Cass is alone in her struggle to understand everything all the strange occurrences that seem to be happening in her life. Her doctor gives her pills but the pills leave her sleepy and unable to cope. She’s a paranoid, scared mess. Is the murderer after her? Did he see her that night when she drove by? Is the dementia taking over her mind? What actually is going on with Cass? I really loved this story, I thought I had parts of this novel put together until the end. I highly recommend this novel, it will really keep you engaged till the end.
I received a copy of this novel from Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Goodreads, St. Martin’s Press and B.A. Paris for this fantastic novel!