Once, in Lourdes

Once, in Lourdes: A Novel - Sharon Solwitz

Vera started it but she wouldn’t end it alone. She set them all free, she gave them the option and they choose each other, for that was the only option they thought they had, the only option that made sense to them. The option would come in fourteen days, Vera and her three best friends would take their lives just beyond the fencing but for now, they had two weeks to do the things they thought they needed to get done.


Through the years, these four teens have created a loving bond with each other, one where they felt comfortable being who they were. The conversations that they had with one other and the topics that they talked about are all over the place, it was comical and bizarre reading how these four friends conversed with one another. Vera was the character that jarred me the most. Her comments, attitude and flightiness made her unpredictable to me, I worried about her and I wondered how she would affect the group. The author slowly released information about Vera and l got to learn about her but she still remained an unpredictable character for me. It was almost too cozy for me sometimes as I read how well these friends got along but they seemed to be able to handle their relationship. While at home, each of these teens have different issues that they are addressing, some more serious than others. With only two weeks to get their affairs in order, time is quickly coming to an end while some activities are heating up. These friends really knew each other, I felt that they knew each other better than the individuals knew themselves. Maybe Vera was right when she said that everyone is messed up some way in their own lives. When I first started this novel, I wasn’t sure if this novel was one for me but the more that I read, the more I enjoyed it and the last half of the novel, really pulled me in.

I received a copy of this novel in exchange for a honest review. Thank you NetGalley and Sharon Solwitz, and Random House Publishing Group for providing me a copy of this novel.