It's a first!

I had my first experience at a tattoo parlor today. I thought it was funny that I am over 50 and have never set foot in a tattoo parlor before.  I have thought about getting a tattoo for a few years (thought it might be a good present to myself for my 50th) but I haven't acted on it.  Today though, I decided to get daith piercing done and they can only do that at a tattoo parlor.  I am hoping that it will help with my headache which has been with me 17 years this month, happy anniversary headache. 


I decided to go all the way and get both ears done and amazedly, it didn't hurt as bad as I remembered getting my ears pierced many years ago.  I was impressed with this place and I am thinking, I just might have to go back and get myself a tattoo in the near future.....something small and classy.